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Always Remember Those Who Gave All: MC WW2 Gold Stars and MIA Survivors

Always Remember Those Who Gave All:

Maryville College's World War II Gold Stars

and "Missing in Action" Survivors

Online Exhibit Developed and Created by MC Archivist Amy Lundell ('06)  

Exhibit Opening Day: Veterans Day, 11 November 2021

Maryville College has a longstanding history of affecting positive change. Our founder, Rev. Isaac Anderson’s mantra of doing ‘Good on the Largest Possible Scale’ has led us for more than two centuries. The events that took place on our shores that lead to WWII were catastrophic. The actions of our brave and selfless alumni heeded the call and embodied the core values and tenets of Maryville College. That day lives in infamy, but our collective thoughts and appreciation for our Gold Star Veterans of WWII should live in reverence.

Dave Daniels

Maryville College Veteran Recruiting and Outreach Counselor, US Navy Veteran, and MC Class of 2020

We Remember...

The Maryville College Archives is honored to share the stories of those who fought for and gave their lives for our country during World War II. As you travel through this exhibit, remember that these men were students who rushed to class in Anderson Hall, slept in Carnegie Hall, ate in Pearsons Hall, hiked with friends through the College Woods, and played sports on the College fields just like students today. They answered the call for their country, left the safety of academia, and went to the fields, skies, and seas of Europe and Asia. Most returned safely, but not all. Some declared "Missing in Action" made it home but others did not. We remember and honor the sacrifices of these men and their families.

Important Information

  • "MC Class" is the graduating class of the individual. If the he did not complete his college career at MC, he will be listed by the class with whom he would have graduated ("ex-1943" means he would have graduated in 1943).
  • All photos unless otherwise stated come from the Maryville College Archives' collections (primarily the Chilhowean--our College yearbook).
  • If viewing the exhibit on a mobile device, the navigational menu may appear at the top of the page instead of on the left side. After clicking a link, scroll down beyond the menu to see the contents of the webpage.

Contact Us

Are you a family member of one of MC's Gold Stars or "Missing in Action" (MIA) survivors? Do you have stories of other MIA survivors from MC not mentioned here? Are you or a family member a veteran who attended and/or graduated from Maryville College? We want to hear from you! Maryville College Archives is actively soliciting stories of the men and women of the armed forces who attended and/or graduated from Maryville College. We especially need information on veterans from the Korean War through the present. If you would like to share information, please feel free to contact Maryville College Archivist Amy Lundell ( or 865-981-8352).