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Library Resources - Caryn McTighe Musil

About Caryn McTighe Musil

Caryn McTighe Musil will be speaking at the faculty forum on Thursday, April 13 at 12:30 in the PDR. A link to her biographical information can be found here.

Caryn McTighe Musil

About Dr. Caryn McTighe Musil’s visit:

We are honored to have Dr. Caryn McTighe Musil join us on campus to explore how departments from around the country and across all disciplinary and interdisciplinary boundaries are reconceiving aspects of their major to enhance dimensions of public and social responsibility inherent in their major and in the issues it typically addresses.  These new designs are not just in psychology, sociology, and education, but also healthcare, computer science, business, and chemistry.  What are the possibilities for your own department?  Learn more about some of the emerging structural designs in a student’s major that are scaffolded across several years.  Delve into the myriad assignments that have been invented to raise ethical questions and confront public consequences, providing students with invaluable work skills as well practice in engaging differences as citizens.  Examine the kind of exciting community-based, culminating projects in the major offering models for how to challenge students to bring all their learning together as they collaborate with others to address common problems in the world.

Caryn McTighe Musil's published work available from MC library