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Comprehensive Research Strategies

Comprehensive Research Strategies

Preliminary Research



Use this information in this section to brainstorm ideas for topics, develop a research question or questions for your project, use and create your own concept maps for a project, and discover resources for topics and background information.

Creating a Research Question

Exercise 14 - Creating a Research Question

This exercise helps you to see how a research question develops from a broad topic to a focused question.

Concept Mapping Tools

Concept maps are useful at the beginning stage of research.  These visual tools can help you organize ideas and see the relationship between ideas.  These are great tools for brainstorming and organizing your ideas.  At this point, you are not looking for information on a specific topic or for books or articles to cite.  Instead, you are getting ideas on potential topics to write about.

Video - Choosing the Research Topic

There are online resources that can make this task a lot easier. These are listed in box below.  The following video will help you learn more about how to use these resources.