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Computer Lab: Computer Lab Information

Student Printing

Student Printing Information is available at

Computer Labs

No food is allowed in the computer labs. Drinks are allowed only if in spill proof containers.

Main Computer Lab
The 40 station main computer lab is located on the first floor of the Lamar Memorial Library in Thaw Hall. The lab, which includes 3 printers with print, copy, and scanning functions, is open during library hours.

Quiet Zone Computer Lab
Ten computer are located in the basement which is zoned as a quiet area.

Bartlett Computer Lab
Located in Bartlett Hall next to Issac's, the lab is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The 4 computers and 1 printer provide access to computing services when the library is closed. Students should report computer or printer problems to the library desk at 981-8256.

To keep your work safe and confidential, log off after using a public computer.

Print on One Side

The printers are set to automatically print on both sides of a page. To print a document on one side you must change the printer properties by going to

File > Print > Printer Properties > 1-sided.

Printing Tips


  • Allow extra time for printing—avoid busy printing times right before classes.
  • Print conservatively—save paper.
  • Print PowerPoint presentations as handouts with multiple slides per page to conserve paper.
  • PDF and picture files can be printed from a flash drive inserted directly in the printer.
  • If a printer has an error message, please report it to the front desk—do not attempt to fix the problem yourself.

Subject Guide

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Neena Teaster

Saving Your Work

  • Back up your work frequently
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Do not save to desktop or hard drive—files will be deleted when you log off the computer