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Things to Remember When Using the Lamar Memorial Library

The Lamar Memorial Library is committed to providing a comfortable space that encourages research, study, reflection, collaborative learning, and the building of a community of learning.  To help provide a pleasant, productive environment, you are encouraged to observe the following guidelines while in the library.

  • Speak quietly.
  • Respect the “no talking” quiet zone of the lower level.
  • Set your cell phone to “vibrate”.
  • Be considerate of those around you when using your phone.  Consider leaving the library for long conversations.
  • Use headphones to listen to audio – and set the volume so only you can hear the sound.
  • Use a study room for group study or group projects whenever possible.
  • Use a wireless laptop for group projects that require a computer.
  • Smoke or chew tobacco outside.
  • Enjoy your beverages in sturdy, "spill-proof" containers.
  • Eat snacks in study areas, away from computers, printers, copiers, and stored books.  (Energy bars, trail mix, nuts, pretzels, candy, and cookies are examples of snacks.)
  • Please finish meals before entering the library.  (Anything in a takeout container/bag or that requires utensils to eat is a meal.  Pizza, burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads, fruits, and ice cream are examples of food to eat elsewhere.)
  • Leave no trace -- please leave your workspace clean and ready for the next person to enjoy.

We appreciate your help in caring for our resources and making the library an inviting community space that supports study and academic achievement for all library users.