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Ebook Guide: How to Find Ebooks

This guide covers how to find ebooks in McQuest, how to use the different readers, and what tools are available to users.

Ebooks Through Your Library

Maryville College Library has a large collection of ebooks available to students. Most are found by using McQuest in a similar way to finding print books. If you have any trouble accessing the item you need, please use the question form below or visit the library desk.

*Note: You may be prompted to log in upon opening an ebook. The username is your first name, space, lastname. The password is the number under your library barcode. Example:

Username: George Washington 

Password: 1234567891234

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For More Help

Finding Ebooks with MCQuest

To find an ebook, start at the Maryville College Library’s Homepage:

Using McQuest, there are two ways to search for Ebooks from here.



Method One: Use the Homepage Tools

Once at the Library's Homapge, you can use McQuest's tools to search only ebooks.

Select the “Book” tab, and mark the “Full Text (Online)” check box. Enter your keyword(s) and then hit search.




Method Two: Search Result Limiters

The second way to search for ebooks is to leave the first menu as default, enter your keyword(s), and hit search.

Once in the results page, use the “Source Type” menu on the left side of the screen to limit to “Ebooks”. This limiter will also show you the number of EBooks in your search results.



Results Page


Once you have narrowed your search, your results list should be full of ebooks. Each ebook will have its own record in the results list. Their records should look similar to this one:



Each record will have basic information on that book, including Author, Publication Date, Publisher and Subject Tags.


Ebooks will appear in your results list with either a small picture of the book’s cover art (like the one above) or an icon like this one:




You will also see your access options. They will have a link that says either “PDF Full Text”...



or “Click here to view this resource online from…".



Either of these options will take you to an ebook reader, where you can view the book in your browser.

Because the library has so many ebooks from so many different publishers and databases, there are several different kinds of e-reader and access options. See the other tabs in this guide for tutorials on some of the most common.