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Halloween 2021

Halloween 2021


This silent vampire film, a landmark of German Expressionism, is known for its fidelity to its source, Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Made in 1922, it is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential horror movies ever made. Directed by F. W. Murnau.

The Invoking 4: Halloween Nights

In the latest chapter of the chilling horror franchise, The Invoking: Halloween Nights, a young woman is pulled through a closet into another dimension where spirits and demons dwell and the devil is all too real. As the woman is forced to face her worst fears, will she survive halloween night? Will you?

From Dawn til Dracula: The True History of the Vampire

The story of the emergence of vampirism, from its religious beginnings to its personification under various names—none of them as renowned as that of Dracula. In the course of investigating this power from beyond the grave, we look at an event that captures the headlines in the 1990's, where vampire hunters invaded London's most famous graveyard in an endeavor to lay the undead to rest. (Viewer Discretion Advised - Mature Themes and Nudity).

Origins of the Vampire

Dark mysterious creatures, tales of vampires are told in many different cultures around the world. This revealing documentary explores the fear and intrigue that these undead beings stir. Origins of the Vampire also presents the surprising truth about real-life cases through history. From Vlad the Impaler’s 16th-century Transylvania to Bram Stoker’s stories of the 19th century to today’s movies and books, the lore of the vampire always thrills.

War of the World (documentary)

Relive Orson Welles' infamous radio dramatization 75 years after the mass hysteria event it spawned. The film examines the elements that made America ripe for the hoax: America's longtime fascination with life on Mars; the emergence of radio as a powerful new medium; the shocking Hindenburg explosion of 1937; and Welles himself, the 23-year-old wunderkind director of the drama and mischief-maker supreme.

What Happens to Our Brains When We Get Scared

Nick Watt braved the ScareHouse, a Halloween attraction in Pittsburgh, for a series of stress tests. An ABC News Production.