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Titles (Fiction and Non-fiction) in the MC Library by African Authors

Non-Fiction/Main Stacks

Shelved by call number in the main stacks.
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Abrahams, Peter

Tell Freedom  928 A159pt 

Achebe, Chinua 

Hopes and Impediments 809 A177h
The Trouble with Nigeria 966.905 A177t
Home and Exile 823.914 A177h

Camara, Laye 

The Dark Child 920 L427cd

Césaire, Aimé

Lyric and Dramatic Poetry, 1946-1982 841 C4211

Coetzee, J.M.

Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life 928 C673jb

de Graft, J.C.

Muntu 896 D321m

Fanon, Frantz 

Black Skin, White Masks 305.8 F214b

Fugard, Athol

A Lesson from Aloes 822.914 F9571
"Master Harold"...and the Boys 812.54 F957m
My Children! My Africa! 822 F957m
The Road to Mecca 822.914 F957r
Valley Song 822 F957v

Gordimer, Nadine

The Essential Gesture:  Writing, Politics, and Places 928 G661nc
Writing and Being 809.04 G61w

Kenyatta, Jomo

Facing Mount Kenya: The Tribal Life of the Gikuyu
306.0899676 K37f

Mphahlele, Ezekiel

The African Image 306.096 M939a
Afrika My Music 928 M939a
Down Second Avenue 920 M939ed
Modern African Stories 808.83 M689

Ngugi, wa Thiong'o (James)

Detained 928 N576d

Paton, Alan 

Hope for South Africa 968 P31h
Instrument of Thy Peace 242 P31i
Journey Continued 928 P312aj6
The Land and People of South Africa 916.8 P311
The Long View 305.8 P3121
Save the Beloved Country 305.8 P312s
South Africa in Transition 916.8 P31s
Towards the Mountain 920 P312at6

Senghor, Léopold

Collected Poetry 841 S476c

Soyinka, Wole

Death and the King's Horseman 896.32 S731d
Myth, Literature, and the African World 896 S731m
Aké : The Years of Childhood 928 S731wa