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Ebook Guide: Creating an EbscoHost Account

This guide covers how to find ebooks in McQuest, how to use the different readers, and what tools are available to users.

What's the Deal with the EbscoHost Account?

EbscoHost is the company that created and hosts McQuest. They are a large company with many databases and tools under their umbrella. McQuest is just a small piece. Ebsco offers a personal account set up through Ebsco themselves. It functions similarly to a social media account - you don't have to have your own account to use the site, but there are extra tools available if you do.

This account will work not only in McQuest, but in all of the EbscoHost databases that Maryville College has access to (Academic Search Complete, and PsycINFO for example). Feel free to log in anytime you see the EBSCOhost logo or the big, blue "E" in your browser tab.


Important: An EbscoHost account is NOT needed to access any materials on- or off-campus and is completely OPTIONAL. It is not associated with the library or Maryville College in any way. 

Creating an EbscoHost Account

Create an Account:

1.) Click the “Sign In” link. You will always be able to find it in the upper right corner of the page at any time when using McQuest.




You may also get the prompt when trying to perform certain actions, such as downloading an ebook.





2.) You will be taken to a log-in screen, as shown below. If you have previously made an account, you can sign in here. If not, select “create a new account”.




3.) The account creation screen is a basic form. Fill it out according to your personal preference. *This is a personal account and is no way associated with your library or student accounts.




Once you have created an account, you should see your name in the upper right corner of the screen. If at any point you cannot see your name, that means that you are not signed in.


Extra Tools Available with an EbscoHost Account

The main draw of creating this account is the extra set of tools available to you.


The Folder

The folder will allow you to collect and save articles and ebooks in an online list. This list is great for easy access, as you can quickly move between items that you’ve saved.


To add items to your folder you can select the “Add to Folder” option that appears in the list of tools to the right side or the top of the page (this depends on what you are viewing).





Once you have added something to your folder, the icon in the corner of the screen will change to represent that. This icon is also the link to viewing your folder. If you select it, it will take you to your list of saved items.




Taking Notes

An Ebsco account also allows for users to take notes in the ebook reader. This option is in the upper, left corner of the page while viewing an open ebook. When signed in, your notes will be saved for you to return to.




Downloading an Ebook

Lastly, users must have an Ebsco account to download an ebook. The download option will appear next to the PDF Full Text option in the results list page, and in the item record page.




After selecting the “Download (Offline)” option, a pop-up will be generated. This pop-up will have the file format available (usually a PDF) and how long you can have offline access - or how long you can have it “checked out”. The max is 7 days.